GroundHog Max

The GroundHog Max is the an new and improved ATV Disc Plow.

GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow

Disc Plow Like You've Never Seen Before.

The GroundHog MAX ATV disc plow is all new and improved. Unlike the original smooth disc design, the MAX is 30% more aggressive. The plow is mounted under the ATV’s rear-end, and uses the weight of the ATV and the operator to achieve direct down pressure. The MAX weighs 69 pounds and comes fully assembled.

Transport Mode Makes Traveling Easy.

No hunter will ever need help preparing his food plot again. When using the GroundHog MAX, it truly is a one-man job. Avoid the hassle of having to drag a heavy, hard to handle, pull behind plow to your food plot location. By having a “transport mode” the plow can go anywhere your ATV can go, from saggy bottomlands to rocky hillsides. Once you arrive to your location, simply back the ATV up on a 4-inch ramp, take one tractor pin out, and flip the plow over to the plowing position. Once you have the plow in the correct position you can begin working on creating the perfect food plot.

Even Works In Reverse!

Remember that the GroundHog MAX works in reverse as well and will plow 3-7 MPH, which is twice as fast as a normal pull behind plow. The GroundHog MAX plow is half as wide as an average plow so it can be easily stored in your truck toolbox, under a work bench in your shop, or you can hang it on the wall.

Create Firebreaks To Protect Your Property.

Another plus of the Groundhog Max is that it can be used to create firebreaks. Firebreaks are often man-made by using a plow. A firebreak is an area clear of grass and other materials that feed flames. Many people make man-made firebreaks to protect their property. This helps to ensure that wildfires do not reach their homes, barns, livestock, or anything else valuable. Some states require that people have firebreaks around their land. The Groundhog Max makes creating firebreaks easier than ever. Attach it to your ATV and create firebreaks where necessary. Don’t forget The GroundHog MAX can also be used for duck hunting, landscaping, and weed control.

GroundHog Max ATV Plow

With The GroundHog MAX ATV Disc Plow
You Can Truly Do It All!

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