Bag It

Your plot is plowed, planted and grown. Now it's time to bag a monster!

GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow

Time to put your new GroundHog Max food plot to work for you.

Now that you have plowed and planted your food plot it is time to bag the game you are hunting. Below we will give you a little information on how to hunt your food plot so you can “bag” your game!

  • Once you have planted your food plot, keep travel to it at a minimum.
  • Hang several stands around your food plot.
  • Should place your stands between the deer's bedding area and your food plot.
  • Place your stand downwind so the deer are less likely smell you.
  • Use scent free detergents on your hunting clothes to help mask your scent.
  • Deer use their nose more than they do eyes or ears. If they smell you they will spook almost immediately every single time.
  • Locate deer "rubs" so you can determine what area they are normally coming from.
  • Decide beforehand how you will get to your deer stand, what route you will take.
  • Most hunters say they get to their deer stand 1 hour before they expect the deer to come out.
  • Deer spook easily so try and be as quiet as possible.

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