Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the GroundHog Max. Read more about the technical specifications and physics behind the GroundHog Max in the How It Works section. For more information on how to plow with the GroundHog Max check the Plow It section.

Quick read: This versatile Implement is designed with lower cost and ease of use in mind. The GroundHog Max ATV/UTV disc plow makes preparing food plots a fun one-person job. If you do food-plots (especially remote or hard to get to ones) a few times a year this is the way to go. Many times is much easier than using your tractor or paying someone to plow it for you (on their schedule).

GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow fits most all ATVs, Quads, UTVs, Wheelers, 4-Wheelers or Side-by-Sides. Any power source that has or you can put a strong 2-inch hitch receiver (like a truck) on. 

To hook the plow up simply back the ATV/UTV up on a 4" ramp or block to get your rear wheels up, take out one tractor pin. Let the plow down to the ground, raise the plow up two holes, re-install your tractor pin, back off the ramps/block, and start plowing. Remember to start of plowing less aggressively and work up.  You only need a little of the machine's weight to get the job done, especially with larger ATV's and UTV's. It plows twice as fast and cuts better than a normal pull-behind plow. It is half as wide as an average plow so it can be easily stored in your truck toolbox, under a workbench or hung on a wall. It comes fully assembled. Replacement parts and Tech support are available 1-800-566-1691.

Easy done food-plots with Maximum functionality- Easy to get to property (No trailer)… Easy to get to any plowing site (at the speed of an ATV/UTV)…Easy to maneuver in tight spots…Easy on your machine… Easy on your wallet… Saves time, gas, and money.  Imagine your possibilities!

Be Advised that this plow does actually work as you see in our videos butttt some of us do not pay attention to directions and/or we do it our own way; Here are common reasons why the plow does not work as aggressively as you expect.

Please call so we can help you. Most negative press is due to these reasons.


#1 reason – the plow is installed backwards – the chevron (arrowhead) point of the disc assembly should point away from the back of the machine.

Action: If it drags rather than cutting check this.


#2 reason- installed on a hitch that allows the plow to lean backwards instead of the plow standing up straight. Action: Brace hitch or plow less aggressive.


 #3 reason- instead of backing up on a 4-inch ramp/block to get the rear wheels up (this is a good rule of thumb). Your buddies pick up the back of the machine while you hook the plow up. All this does is stretch out your suspension and shocks and does not get proper weight on the plow. Action: Backup on 4-inch ramp/block, let it down until it almost touches the ground, re-pin, back off block.


#4- installed the plow horizontally instead of vertically. Action: Install properly

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the plow work on my 2 wheel drive ATV/UTV?

A: Yes. The plow will work on most 2 x 4 ATV’s and UTV’s, but you cannot plow as aggressively. You need to leave some weight for traction on your rear wheels. Most times (even with my 4 x 4) I still use 2 wheel drive as it steers much easier.


2. Will the plow work on smaller CC machines that are only air-cooled?

A. Yes. This is a big benefit really of the plow. Since there is a lot less strain on you’re ATV/UTV and your are plowing at speeds of 4-7 mph air-cooled machines stay cooler. Remember the normal pull behind plow requires a 400 CC liquid cooled or larger (if you read their fine print). On any machine start off less aggressive the first time you plow.


3. Will the Groundhog work on both independent rear suspension and straight axle ATV’s?

A: Yes. We have tested it on both. Very little difference between the two in performance.


4. Can I use the plow if my ATV/UTV has a strong square factory hitch already?

A: Yes.  You would buy the NO KIT version of the plow The plow is all you need. It becomes “Plug and Plow”


5. Can I use the plow if my ATV/UTV only has a factory utility hole or just has a lightweight 1 ¼” hitch receiver. Yes several ways…A B & C


5 A: Yes. You can buy a strong, square, forward bolted, after-market 2-inch receiver online to strengthen your existing setup (basically all manufacturers models newer than 2000). There are some exceptions.

There are many links to buy your receiver hitch that are year, make, and model specific for your machine; atvhitchreceivers.com, strongmade.com, leedengineering.com just to name a few. For more information visit www.groundhogmax.com, reference the hitches/compatibility section, or call

800-566-1691. Once you have one of these hitches…the plow is all you need. It becomes “Plug and Plow”. You would buy the NO KIT included version of the plow.


5 B. Yes. Here is another option for most years, makes, and models of Honda’s and Polaris. Some Can Am’s and some Bombardier.  The GroundHog MAX is also available with a hitch receiver kit included in the box. This kit allows you to convert and upgrade many existing (utility holes or weak 1 1/4" hitches) over to a strong forward bolted type hitch receiver. This Kit includes both a 21-inch long and a 5-inch long collared hitch receiver tube and other hardware. 

5 C. Note: Older than 2000 models may have to do some fabrication to your hitch setup. Our hitch does work on some of these or it can be used for the fabrication.


6. How well is the product made? Specs

A: The product weighs 46 lbs. and is made with high intensity heavy gauge ¼ wall steel. Each disc has its own replaceable high-speed double-sealed, deep grooved bearings. The discs are installed with anti-slide bolts and nuts for easy replacement of bearings if necessary. All bearings are the same size. Discs are mounted on a ¾ inch axle. This axle is then encased in a glove-fit 1 inch steel pipe. This creates a closed system that does not require greasing. The GroundHog MAX ATV / UTV Disc Plow does not have ratchets. There are no tires to dry rot and go flat. It is practically maintenance free. Replacement parts are available 877-522-3364 or www.groundhogmax.com.


7. How do I use the up/down adjustment tube to adjust the weight on the plow?

The T-head can be turned right side up for machines with high ground clearance and up-side down for machines with lower ground clearance. These adjustment holes are in 1-inch increments. A good rule of thumb is…if you back your ATV up on a 4” x 4” block (to get your rear wheels up)…let the plow come down and touch the ground…then pull the plow upwards two holes and put your tractor pin in. Remember you only need a little of the machine's weight to get the job done, especially with large ATV's and UTV's.  Back off the 4 x 4 and you are ready to plow. Adust depth as needed.  You do not have to be too aggressive because a lot of the cutting is in the turns. That’s why we recommend looping circles and figure 8’s if you can. Note: There is intentional play where the axle assembly goes into the up/down adjustment tube.


8. Does the receiver hitch assembly have to be level and centered?

A: No. However, get as close to level and centered as possible.


9. If I use the receiver hitch assembly can I still use my trailer ball and leave the receiver on permanently?

A: Yes. After market Reese-type ball adapters are available.


10. Can I use reverse with the plow engaged?

A: Yes most models, but it won’t plow as well as going forward. Reverse gives you the maneuverability to plow in tight places like pulpwood roads, firebreaks, and between pine rows. Only use reverse if necessary.


11. Does it work on hard, rocky, and / or rough ground?

A: Yes. If your terrain is “difficult” the plow will work. It just takes more passes. The plow works well on hard, dry, rocky, grassy or any combination terrain. Thse disc are very durable. For best results plow in a combination of oblong circles, figure eights, and back and forth. You have less steel on the ground but you have more down pressure (weight) ATV 800+ lbs. UTV 1200-1500 lbs. and your 200 lbs. as a rider. NO NEED TO ADD ANY EXTRA WEIGHTS.

12. Does the plow work in wet bottomland, clays, and gumbos?

A: Yes. The plow will not bog down like a typical pull behind plow. The ATV controls the plowing depth. Remember the old saying, “Too wet to plow”? Certain soil types may clog the discs when wet. However, most cases if your vehicle can go through you can plow it (since the machine controls the plowing depth. If you have problems with clogging call the Tech support at 1-800-566-1691.


13. Is the product just for food plots?

A: No. In addition to food plots the plow is used for landscaping, preparing and maintaining firebreaks and weed control, grooming horse arenas, dirt tracks, beaches on lakes, trails. If you need to till the ground the plow will do it. In many cases it can be used to replace a tractor especially for smaller jobs.


14. Can I leave the plow on my ATV / UTV while driving to my food plot site?

A: Yes you can in most instances. We call this feature “transport position.” However, every ATV/UTV is a little different. Here are some general guidelines: On some vehicles you simply flip the plow upside down and secure it in position with the tractor pin. On some vehicles flip the plow upside down, and adjust the plow head up or down until it clears the back of the vehicle by removing and replacing the tractor pin. Then simply secure it in position with the tractor pin. On some machines you may not be able to use transport position due to the design of the rear-end.

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