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Once you have used your GroundHog Max to plow up the land, you need to focus on attracting the proper game animals.

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Test Your Soil For Optimum Results.

The first thing one should do when preparing a food plot is have the soil tested. Plants need adequate minerals, fertilization and pH levels as well as sunlight for optimum growth. The recommended amount of sunlight is 3-4 hours a day minimum with 6-8 hours a day being ideal. Years of plant research has proven that your pH levels should be around seven. You can increase your pH levels by adding lime to the soil. Also, many suggest that the average food plot size be between 1/4 to 1/2 an acre. Not only are very large food plots hurtful to your wallet, but they are harder to maintain and more difficult to hunt. Another key factor to remember regarding the soil is once your plot is established you should mow or cut it twice a year at 8-10 inches. This helps to keep your soil protein levels high.

Select Seeds Based On Your Area.

Now that you have your soil balanced as it should be for the optimum growth for your forage, you should remember the following points. One should always research your areas precipitation records and temperatures. This way you can be cautious on when and what to plant so your crops won’t fail due to lack of moisture or extreme temperatures. Another key element to remember is that is does not matter how great your forage is if you didn’t plant food that the animal you are hunting does not favor. Remember all food plots should consist of 2-4 different types of plant species. You can buy already mixed seeding or go to your local feed store and make a mix of plant species on your own. If you do choose to make your own mix of seeds, do not use old seed, which could have low germination, and do not use combine-run seed for it could contain weeds.

pH Scale Soil pH for Crops

We at GroundHog Max hope these tips help and wish everyone a great hunting season.

Food Plot Tips To Attract Deer Food Plot Tips To Attract Waterfowl Food Plot Tips To Attract Turkey



If your goal is to attract whitetail deer, corn, alfalfa and clover are certainly effective.


Corn supports many other species, alfalfa and clover are mainly important to deer.


Diverse planting such as buckwheat, sunflowers and sorghum can attract more game animals.



Select companion crops that mature at different times, this creates long lasting forage.



Chicory planted with clover and wheat can survive winter and become important for deer in the following spring.

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