GroundHog Max Overview

When using the GroundHog Max you can plow 5-8 mph, according to how your food plot is laid out. Remember also that you can use reverse in those tight spots. What makes the GroundHog work so well is down pressure, it uses the weight of the ATV, 700-800 lbs. plus the weight of the rider 200-300lbs. This equals approximately 1,000 lbs. of down pressure on much less steel than a traditional style ATV disk.

When in transport mode (discs pointed up) it allows you to drive it up on your truck, take it to your property, drive it off the truck, take the plow to the most remote area of your property (at the speed of an ATV) by yourself!

To flip the plow over to plowing position… back up on 4 inch ramps, lock the brake and chock the wheels. Pull one tractor pin and flip it over to plowing mode. Adjust it down to almost touch the ground. Put your tractor pin back in and back off the ramps. Start making looping circles, figure eights, and you can also plow back and forth.

 Naturally some people are always going to think bigger is better but you can prove them wrong in about 5 minutes with the versatility of this ATV disc/plow.

Imagine the possibilities of putting in a food plot “way back in a sweet spot” where deer already live.

Quality seeds, good soil tests, lime and fertilizer, a good plowing option, and the a little rain, all adds up to good times outdoors!


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