GHM Gets Great Review

We received an email from a satisfied customer named Travis a few weeks ago! He is very happy with his GroundHog Max Disc/Plow! Below is his email to us!



Hi, I just wanted to take a second and email you guys about the fantastic product that is the GroundHog Max. I purchased one with the hitch kit and borrowed a friends four wheeler. Went and disked four 1/4 acre plots in on my property that we have owned for twenty years. This is the first food plots I have done and the ground I was working was virgin soil that has never been turned in twenty years. Wasn't sure what to expect even though I have seen all the videos on YouTube.

I was blown away, the GroundHog Max is amazing. You have a customer for life I assure you. I did all necessary steps with soil testing, etc... should have some fantastic plots this coming season. I have been ranting about how great this product is and I will recommend it to everybody I know. I have attached some photos of before and after. I have your Facebook page liked on my page and I see you guys post satisfied customer photos on there. Feel free to use mine if you like. Cant wait to disk again, I should have made mine bigger.  Thanks for the great product.

- Travis


Go to our Facebook page for more pictures of Travis's Food Plots!

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