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Food Plot Tips to Attract Deer, Waterfowl, and Turkey


Once you've used the GroundHog MAX to plow up the ground, it's time to focus on planting the right grasses to attract the wildlife you're hunting!


  • If your goal is to attract whitetail deer, corn, alfalfa and clover are certainly effective.
  • Corn supports many other species, alfalfa and clover are mainly important to deer.

  • Diverse planting such as buckwheat, sunflowers and sorghum can attract more game animals.

  • Select companion crops that mature at different times, this creates long lasting forage.

  • Chicory planted with clover and wheat can survive winter and become important for deer in the following spring.


  • Browntop and white proso millet are great for attracting several duck species.
  • If mixing browntop and white proso millet, it should be 15 lbs. of each per acre.

  • Millet food plots are great for areas that flood or that can be flooded manually.

  • Japanese millet is a great choice for duck food plots and can save you money.

  • Winter wheat, ryegrass and chufa are also choices for waterfowl food plots.

  • A great seed mix for ducks/geese is corn and milo. Corn can be used as a blind as well.


  • Food plots for turkey should be long and narrow.

  • Chufa is a good crop to plant, once the birds learn to get the bulbs out of the ground.

  • When planting food plots for turkey you should also do companion cropping, or planting more than one type of seed.

  • Ladino, soybeans, corn, wheat, oats and rye are also good crops to plant for turkey.

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