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I am still waiting for the ground to dry out up here in Pennsylvania to plant food plots. I am ready to go very soon. I tested the GroundHog MAX a few times with my older style Mule and that extra hitch you gave me worked great! I have to spray some plots and hope to start planting the fall food plots around the 4th of July. I wish I had a sports store because I would definately be selling your GroundHog MAX in my food plot section of the store. Good Luck and talk to you soon.

I got a GroundHog MAX from you in late April, and I finally got to use it about 3 weeks ago. I was really impressed with it. Truly bad ass! I plowed a half acre plot, that was an old timber loading area, in about 45 minutes. This was some really compacted soil, but in about 3 passes it was so loose I thought I was going to get stuck. Great tool! Perfect for our firebreaks and plots.Thanks!

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for your wonderful product. It has allowed us to make food plots of incredible quality and size, something we were skeptical of at first. I know I have thanked you before, however the GroundHog MAX has dramatically increased our success this season. We have seen much more deer this year than the previous because of the addition of food plots which would have not been possible without a cost-effective device like the GroundHog MAX. If there is anything that we can do to help you promote the Groundhog, please let us know. Thanks again for your wonderful customer service and even better product.

Thanks, the GroundHog MAX has been the best money I've spent on hunting so far. My fresh plots planted a bit over a week ago (3-4" tall wheat & oats) are covered in deer every morning & evening now.

The GroundHog MAX does everything it says it will do. My Big Bear ATV was not very compatible, I had a plate on the bottom of the ATV for a snow plow. I was able to weld the tube to this and then bolt thru the pin hole. The plots I did were about as hard and rugged to reach as it gets. Awesome product.

I received my GroundHog MAX last Friday and had two plots cut and ready by Saturday afternoon. One of the plots was pretty rough with a lot of sticks and vines (mostly dead as I had sprayed ahead of time) and the GroundHog MAX made short work of it. This product performs better than advertised! I love a good tool and hate a bad one and the Groundhog MAX is definitely a good one! I've got plans for a couple of spots at my other lease this weekend. Thanks for a great product! Best thing about it is I think I'll be saying that years from now as I believe it will hold up!  Thanks for your excellent service.

If I had a third thumb it would be 3 thumbs up. Just used it last week and to be honest, I was a little hesitant. We have been really dry and hot in southern Oklahoma for a month or two and I was concerned about the ability of the GroundHog MAX to penetrate this soil. I worried for nothing. It took about 30 minutes to get a 1/4 acre food plot nicely cultivated to at least 4 inches and in some places 6 inches. I was amazed. I have forwarded your video to 8 other hunters that I feel might be interested. Just waiting on a little rain and I will sow some seed and see what we get this fall. Thanks for a great product. Its just what I've been looking for.

I just wanted to thank you for getting my GroundHog MAX out so quickly. I received it 4 days from my order date and used it this past weekend to disc up two food plots, both in pretty tough terrain. The GroundHog MAX worked great with my 2009 Yamaha 450 Grizzly and it only required 4-5 passes in the really thick areas. This is a well-built, solid tool that saved me a lot of time and money.

I just wanted to say how awesome the GroundHog MAX performed! It worked better than I ever thought it would. For woodland plots nothing could be better. It was just great.

I just finished putting in our second food plot, and I couldn't believe how well the GroundHog MAX worked. I was worried that due to the unevenness of the ground that the plow wouldn't work that well. My dad and I couldn't believe how well it actually worked. This is back in an area you couldn't get any of the "bigger" machinery. Thanks for an awesome product!

I have used the GroundHog MAX with what I would say is good success. Here in central Illinois it will not quit raining. I worked up a 0.3 acre plot that was 6' tall thick weeds. With the ground wet in between rains I had to clean out the disc a few times but I consider how it has worked in less than perfect conditions to be fantastic. I did get stuck a few times, and had I had a larger disc, I would not of been able to get the plow out. I told my buddy that some good thought went into the design of this thing. I look forward to using it in dry ground if that ever occurs this year.

I used the GroundHog MAX last year to prepare 3 food plots and was very impressed. I have sprayed three new plots sites that I will be likely tilling this weekend. My only concern is that this year I am using a different ATV (a Honda Rancher) and I am not sure if I have the included hitch installed correctly. If you could provide some guidance (or better yet photos) of what it should look like installed I would appreciate it.As for recommending the GroundHog MAX, I tell everyone who will listen about how much I like it. I think it is the perfect tool for a small scale food plotter who does not have access to a tractor and plow. I have had people question its size but I assure them that the GroundHog MAX "punches above its weight class." Thanks again for your email and great product.

Well, there's not much to say, except that it works great! No more tractors or big discs. The GroundHog MAX is dependable, made very strong and makes my job a lot easier. Plowing in forward and reverse works well either way you want to go. I think it the best thing since sliced bread! Lol! Have great day. My camp is in Attla County Mississippi, so there's nothing but Mississippi mud there, aka red clay.

I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a great tool. The GroundHog MAX has worked perfectly for me. Even better than I expected.I live in West Virginia and hunt most wooded areas and old logging roads. Areas that have been timbered in the past 20 years. They are full of saplings and briars... and deer. Back in these areas there is very little grass for the animals. I purchased the GroundHog MAX with the intention of plowing these old log roads and planting some grasses and food plots. My idea has worked perfectly. The roads had enough topsoil on them to plow and seed. Within DAYS the seeds were sprouted and 2 weeks later, those old log roads were covered in a sea of green. My 14 year old son Hunter and I were amazed. We set our stands and stayed out of the area for next few weeks. We couldn't wait for the opening day of the 2011 archery season on October 1.By the opening day of archery season, I think every deer in the county had found our food plots. Trail cameras were full of buck pictures and even a bear. Bears are very rare in our area. Deer activity was higher than I had ever seen in the area, and every single tree had been rubbed on. After several days of hunting and passing smaller bucks, he finally showed up. I was fortunate enough to get a good shot and take the largest buck of my life. An 8 point with an 18" inside spread.He isn't the biggest buck that ever lived, but he is the biggest I've ever shot. I couldn't have done it without you and the GroundHog MAX! I can't wait until next year. I already have ideas to improve my food plots.

I just wanted to take a moment and let you guys know I think you have a great product with the GroundHog MAX. I have a new hunting lease that consisted of old cow pasture with some hardwoods and logging roads/landings. This fall I set out to establish some food plots for the deer and turkeys on the property. I only have the use of my ATV and had limited time and no one to help me put them in.I had used ATV disc in the past with poor results. It would take considerable effort to get them to the lease. You would have to till very slow as to keep them from jumping around and no matter how much heavy weight you packed around to put on them you still couldn’t get much tillage out of them. It was also at least a two man job.I researched several hunting and habitat management forums and kept hearing good reviews on the GroundHog Max so I purchased one problem free from your website. I had some issues attaching the provided hitch to my particular ATV model but after a quick phone call to you guys was resolved quickly by the inventor of the plow himself. Plotting now is a one man operation! I load my ATV, GHM, sprayer, spreader, chain harrow and cultipacker on my 5x8 trailer and head on up to the lease.This property had overgrown fescue and weed growth 3-6 feet tall in any of the open fields. I was skeptical that the little disc would have any effect on this stuff and I would have to pay someone to come up and bushhog the fields. Boy was I wrong! Even after the drought we have had this summer I was able to disc right through most all of the problem areas. The weight of the four wheeler and rider combined with the ability to go fast makes it the ticket for preparing a seed bed. Soil fishtails behind this little disc like a boat motor in water.I also worked a log landing in the woods that had very compacted soil without issue that a tractor could have never been able to get into. I had a couple of half acre plots and a one acre plot disked up in a long day. I am sure if I had mowed and killed off the vegetation it would have cut my time way down however I just didn’t have the available time for multiple trips to the lease. I tilled in lime and fertilizer sowed and cultipacked my seed and left praying for rain.I returned to the lease in a few weeks to find my plots looking fantastic and have posted some photos to your facebook site. I plan on soil testing in the spring and adding the recommended Lime and nutrients as needed before I establish plots next fall. Thanks for providing the ultimate tool for the everyday hunter to establish food plots for hunting without all the hassle and trouble it can sometimes become to get a plot in before growing season is over especially in those out of the way hard to get to areas.

Tech Support & Replacement Parts // 877.522.3364