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What To Plant in Your Food Plot


Strategically placed remote food plots are a big draw to turkey and ducks as well as other game animals. But you need to know what to plant in these food plots! Here is a little information on chufa.

To give you a little more information on chufa, chufa is a bunch grass with a peanut-like underground nut used for food plots of turkey and waterfowl! It is planted in spring through summer. Turkey and waterfowl dig up the chufas once they mature in late fall and winter when other food sources are not so readily available.

Chufa is great for food plots because it provides a winter and early spring food source for turkey and other waterfowl. It is high in carbohydrates and proten, this makes chufa a great food source.

Planting chufa will help keep the turkeys and waterfowl on your property instead of leaving looking for other food sources!

So get your GroundHog Max ATV Disc/Plow and get started on your food plot! Good luck!

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