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Attaching Your Groundhog Max

DECEMBER 19, 2023

The GroundHog Max is definitely a game changer—especially when it comes to being able to plow up those hard to reach places. Many times you experience difficulty in getting a tractor to where you need to plant food plots or create a fire break. For whatever reason you are using the Max, knowing how to attach it and adjust it are perhaps the two most important factors. 

Since the weight of the machine is used to push the GroundHog Max down into the dirt, it must be attached the right way. Below are some adjusting tips for maximum success. 

1. Elevate Rear Tires

The first thing in attaching the GHM is to find a way to elevate the rear tires approximately 4 inches. This can be done by backing onto a piece of 4 x 4 wood, backing onto rocks that will elevate it 4”, or some even use a jack. After the rear axle measures 4” to the ground, set the parking brake to proceed.

2. Adjust the T-Head Position

Once the ATV or UTV’s rear axle is elevated correctly, slide the T-head into the receiver and insert the first tractor pin. This T-head can be turned “right-side up” for machines with higher ground clearance or “up-side down” for machines with lower ground clearance.

3. Tractor Pin Adjustment

Pull the second tractor pin out of the T-head and let the disc assembly slide down to the ground. It is important to not force the GroundHog Max down into the dirt. Just let it fall to the ground. Pick up the disc assembly until it slides up two holes, then re-install the second tractor pin. Your discs are now suspended at a good starting point - about an inch or two off the ground. Only one tractor pin is needed in the T-head for locking the up/down adjustment in place. 

4. Pull Forward

Finally, take the brake off and pull forward very slowly. Note that if you are using a jack, do not pull forwardjust lower the jack. This will transfer the weight of the ATV/UTV to the discs. DO NOT attempt to just lift up the rear as this only stretches out your rear suspension and does not work.
Remove the wood/rocks/jack and begin to plow. 


The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow fits most ATVs and UTVs that have a strong, well braced 2" receiver. It works in two or four-wheel drive, IRS or straight axle and lower CC ATVs.  Note that if your machine does not have a well-braced 2" receiver hitch, we have hitch options for that as well! The GroundHog MAX is versatile, easy to install, and easy to use. Get yours today!

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