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Spring Food Plot Preparations


What you should be doing right now in order to start preparing for your spring food plots!


Right now one should be scouting their land for the perfect area to plant your spring food plot! The location of one’s food plot is very important no matter what game you are hunting.  Site preparation is the number one item to do once you find the area to plant your food plot. Remember the following general rules before you start working on your food plot.

  1. Total food plot acreage should equal 2-6% of the land you own. If you have a high deer population you may need to plant multiple food plots.
  2. You want your food plot to have a natural border if possible and to be near a place of heavy coverage for this make the deer feel safe.
  3. Start testing your soil for the proper pH balance and make sure you have adequate sunlight available to the area.
  4. You should begin planting in early Spring.
  5. Check your areas precipitation and weather to best choose what forage will work for that area.

Once you have this all in line, you are ready to get your GroundHog Max to work! Remember the GroundHog Max can go anywhere your ATV/UTV can reach!

Good luck on your Spring Food plots.

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