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The plow will work on most 2x4 ATVs, but you cannot plow as aggressively due to traction loss. Many plow in 2x4 for easier steering.

Yes. This is a big benefit really of the plow. Since there is a lot less strain on your ATV/UTV and your are plowing at speeds of 4-7 mph air-cooled machines stay cooler. Remember the normal pull behind plow requires a 400 CC liquid cooled or larger (if you read their fine print). On any machine start off less aggressive the first time you plow.
Yes. We have tested it on both.

Yes. The plow is all you need.

Yes. Many make and model ATVs and UTVs can use our receiver hitch kit. There are also receivers that can be ordered specific to vehicles year/make/model.

A) You can buy a strong, square, forward bolted, after-market 2" receiver online to strengthen your existing setup (basically all manufacturer models newer than 2000). There are some exceptions.

There are many links to buy your receiver hitch that are year, make, and model specific for your machine (ie:,, Once you have one of these hitches…the plow is all you need. It becomes “Plug and Plow.” You would buy the NO KIT included version of the plow.
B) Here is another option for most years, makes, and models of Hondas and Polaris, some Can Am and some Bombardier.  The GroundHog MAX is also available with a hitch receiver kit included in the box. This kit allows you to convert and upgrade many existing (utility holes or weak 1 1/4" hitches) over to a strong forward bolted type hitch receiver. This Kit includes both a 21" long and a 5" long collared hitch receiver tube and other hardware. 

C) Note: Older than 2000 models may have to do some fabrication to your hitch setup. Our hitch does work on some of these or it can be used for the fabrication.
Tech Support & Replacement Parts // 877.522.3364