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Be advised that this plow does actually work as you see in our videos but some of us do not pay attention to directions and/or we do it our own way. Here are common reasons why the plow does not work as aggressively as you expect.  For more information see our Troubleshooting section under Owners.

Please call so we can help you if you are experiencing issues! 

#1 Reason – The plow is installed backwards – the chevron (arrowhead) point of the disc assembly should point away from the back of the machine.

Action: If it drags rather than cutting, check this.
#2 Reason- Installed on a hitch that allows the plow to lean backwards instead of the plow standing up straight. 

Action: Brace hitch or plow less aggressive.
 #3 Reason- Instead of backing up on a 4" ramp/block to get the rear wheels up (this is a good rule of thumb), your buddies pick up the back of the machine while you hook the plow up. NOTE:  All this does is stretch out your suspension and shocks and does not get proper weight on the plow. 
Action: Back up on 4" ramp/block, let it down until it almost touches the ground, re-pin, then back off block.
#4 Reason - You installed the plow horizontally instead of vertically. 

Action: Install properly.
Tech Support & Replacement Parts // 877.522.3364