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How to Plow

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After you have purchased your GroundHog MAX your next step is to find the best place on your land to develop a food plot. There are many factors that should go into the process of deciding exactly where to place your food plot.

First, you need a clear area in order to plant your food. Luckily with the GHM you can get to any remote location that your ATV can reach. As you read the plant it section it goes more in depth regarding what soil levels should be. So first you need to find an open area and check your soils pH levels and also see how much sunlight that area gets. Knowing these types of things will ensure that your plant species can prosper and attract the wildlife you desire.
As well as having good soil, one needs good coverage specifically for deer. Along fence rows and having wood edge is great. This way the animals feel as if they can “take cover” easily and get out of the “open field” area quickly if need to. Therefore, they are more likely to come into the food plot if they feel they have a secure area surrounding them. Most food plots should be around 1/4 of an acre. Also, you will want to stay away from roads and other people’s property lines to avoid other hunters to be tempted to come onto your land and use your food plot.
The last thing you should look at are existing travel patterns of the deer in your area. Not to say that if you do not place your food plot in an area that the deer travel that they won’t come, but if your food plot is in an area that the game you are hunting already travel then even better. The chance of them finding your food plot and utilizing it more quickly is greater.
Now it's time to put the GroundHog MAX plow to work for you!
After you have found the perfect location and have traveled to it with your GHM in "travel mode" on the back of your ATV or UTV, you need to put it into "work" mode.
Back your ATV/UTV up on a 4" ramp. This can be on a log or a lower area of ground.Take the one tractor pin out and flip the plow over in the "plowing position."Put the pin back in once you have your plow at the desired height.*Start plowing with your GroundHog MAX!

*Note: A good rule of thumb on plow depth adjustment is to let the plow down to touch the ground, and then move it back up 2 holes before you re-pin.  Rembember you only need part of the machine's weight to plow effectively, especially with heavy ATVs and UTVs.
If this is a food plot that you have never plowed before, you may want to round up before using it although this is not necessary. Also, plowing in figure 8 techniques works great. Be aggressive if you have a 4 wheel drive ATV/UTV and really get after plowing up the land. Once you have it plowed up you can now begin the planting section.
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