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How to Use

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Time will be determined by the size of the plot and how hard the ground is (roots, rocks, grass systems, wet/dry, and ground clutter). The tougher the conditions, the more passes you have to make (virgin ground verses already been plowed etc). Plow in looping circles and figure eights because a lot of the cut is in turning and maneuverability. Keep in mind that the gap between the middle discs will go away if you plow in this manner. Plowing straight also works If you determine you are not using enough weight, adjust the T-head down a hole.

The adjustment holes are in 1” increments. A good rule of thumb is, if you back your ATV/UTV up on a 4” x 4” block (to get your rear wheels up), let the plow come down and touch the ground. Then pull the plow upwards one hole and put your tractor pin in. Back off the 4” x 4” block and plow. You do not have to be too aggressive because a lot of the cutting is in the turns. That’s why we recommend looping circles and figure eights if you can.

No. However, get as close to level and centered as possible.

Yes. After market Reese-type ball adapters are available.
Yes, but it won’t plow as well going forward. Reverse gives you the maneuverability to plow in tight places like pulpwood roads, firebreaks and between pine rows. Only use reverse if necessary, as it puts more stress on your hitch.
Yes. If your terrain is “difficult” the plow will work. It just takes more passes. The plow works well on hard, dry, rocky, grassy or any combination terrain. For best results plow in a combination of oblong circles, figure eights and straight rows back and forth.
Yes. The plow will not bog down like a typical pull behind plow. The ATV/UTV controls the plowing depth. Remember the old saying, “Too wet to plow?” Certain soil types may clog the discs when wet. However, if your vehicle can go through it the plow can plow it. If clogged, see our DIY fix under Troubleshooting.

Yes, in most instances. We call this feature “transport mode.” However, every ATV/UTV is a little different. Here are some general guidelines: On some vehicles you simply flip the plow upside down and secure it in position with the tractor pin. On some vehicles flip the plow upside down, and adjust the plow head up or down until it clears the back of the vehicle by removing and replacing the tractor pin. Then simply secure it in position with the tractor pin. On a few machines you may not be able to use transport position due to the design of the rear end.

Tech Support & Replacement Parts // 877.522.3364